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  Welcome to Fall City Wallaby Ranch!  


Welcome to the Fall City Wallaby Ranch!


it's Kangaroo Country!


...where you always find a bundle of Joey!

Thank you for choosing to join us for a virtual visit to The Fall City Wallaby Ranch.   We are a USDA Licensed Breeder of top quality Grey and Albino Bennetts Wallabies and Red Kangaroos.  We also provide Educational Tours and Private Educational Programs.  Our roos are really a part of our family and we hope you enjoy meeting them.  We have made every effort to provide interested parties with an ocean of information, presented in an entertaining fashion.  We welcome any constructive comments or suggestions for how we can provide more desirable or necessary information.  Thank you for visiting!

SEE BABY RED GROW IN MOMS POUCH    Rex & Tawny Paperd           IN THE PHOTO GALLERY NOW!!        
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