kalamity jane

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kalamity jane

Postby carrimartine on Sat Oct 25, 2008 7:19 pm

Well about a year ago my husband and I bought our little bundle of joey named kalamity Jane. She has truely been one of the best adventures we have ever encountered. Let me just say that she is not sure if she is a human or a dog. She has blended wonderfully into our family of four children, several dogs, horses, and other little critters. Learning from rex and Tawny about wallabys was a great experience from the moment I began asking questions via email to the time we spent in their home getting one on one training to feed and care for our little girl. Not only did we feel completely confident on how to care for kalamity but the personal committment in which rex puts forth with every one of his animals is remarkable. I would recommend Rex and Tawny to anyone interested in learning about or purchasing any type of roo. The most amazing thing for myself was to recieve my monthly and sometimes weekly photographs of my baby girl from the day she was born. Great scrapbooking pictures from the time she was as big as a kidney bean to the day she went from her momma roos pouch into my homemade human-roo pouch. I felt part of the whole process from day one. Kalamity is about 13 or 15 lbs. now and still enjoys laying in my lap or on her back in my arms as our toy poodle bites at her tail. She is very loving and gives me lots of kisses dailly. Not all roos enjoy being held, but Kalamity will even jump up into my lap while I am sitting watching tv on the couch. She is a real lover. She hops about the house playng tag with the dog and hide and seek with papa roo (aka Scott my husband). Her good morning chirps to me are the best part of beginning my day.
Kalamity is so much part ofour family that she even went on vacation to Universal Studios and Sea World in San Diego, California. She has served as an emotional therpy service animal visiting the elderly in nursing homes and some of my private care therapy clients. She has touched our lives and many other people have got to hold or touch a baby wallaby for the first time and perhaps the only time in their lives too. Many thanks with deep appreciation to the Papered family. Not only did we gain a great pet but we made life long friends during the journey. God Bless.
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Re: kalamity jane

Postby Rex on Tue Nov 04, 2008 2:32 pm

Hey there Carrie,

Thank you for your consideration. Great to hear that your little KJ is doing well and everything is working for you all. We sure had a great time when you were here and hope that you will be patient while we are trying to build you a little white boy for your Kalamity Jane to tease!!!! Love to see some update photos of your little girl when you have a chance!!

Thank you again for your kind words!!

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