The Funny Farm's Experience

Have you adopted one of our joeys or enjoyed a private visit or tour at the Fall City Wallaby Ranch? Please share your experience here!

The Funny Farm's Experience

Postby kangaroocrazy on Tue Apr 07, 2009 6:40 pm

Its hard to know where to start. One day I recieved a call from Rex as I had posted to the kangaroo list of having a sick roo. I had never met him and he called me right away with advice for my roo. A few weeks later he came out to meet me at our Funny Farm. Instantly you see and feel his passion for the roos. This grown man with a tough exterior, talking to his little joey he brought to show off. As he talked about losing the joeys momma and other experiences losing some of his roos, from neighbor dogs attacking them,..he swelled up with tears.
A friendship started after that. Recently, little female red kangaroo got very ill. He was the first to call,..called Austraila for me to get advice,..called vets for advice,...offered to fly me to another state for surgery if we could not find anyone to do it right,..and just cared and was conserned as if he was the mommy. While my little girl was in the hospital,..he drove 45 minutes to MY vets office to visit MY kangaroo and check on her. All this for a kangaroo that I did NOT buy from him. Once Rex is your friend,(heck,..even if not!!)..he has your back,..he is your advocate to help you and your roo,...and you know he is there for you and truly cares. How in the universe could you go wrong with purchasing a roo from them!!
A few weeks ago he called me over and let me pull my own breeding pair of wallabies from his mommies.He took lots of time to teach me how to do this, to get started with the babies when I start to have my own,..and would be there for me to help me pull my first baby wallaroo due this summer!!!! These are not pets to Rex,..they are family members.
I cannot say enough about his big huge heart, and the gratitude that I feel for his compassion, let alone his own mob,..but he cares about mine the same way.
If you want someone always there for you and a wonderful roo mentor,..get on his waiting list for your bundle of joy.
Thank you Rex for your continued caring and support.
Duke and Dutchess photos coming soon when I figure it out!!!
Teresa Wilmot
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Re: The Funny Farm's Experience

Postby Rex on Sat Apr 11, 2009 8:05 am

Hey there Funny Farmer!!!!

Thank you for your kindness Teresa. You have a beautiful place and a passion for your babies that matches mine for ours. We are very proud that you chose our Beautiful Virginia and Victoria to bear your Wallaby Babies. I know that they will have the best of homes with you and Mark. I have never seen a more beautiful Red Kangaroo girl than your Jesibel..... and while I know that you feel I went to your Vet just to check on her...... I was really also casing the joint to see if there was any way to kidnap her....8>) Somehow I don't think that I could get past the guard dogs, electric fences and M16 Armed Guards.....

We greatly appreciate your thoughtful words and share the same consideration for you and your Funny Farm!! We are anxious to see you pull your first baby too!!

God Bless You and Yours Always!!!

R & T
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