Rexington Maximus

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Rexington Maximus

Postby Lindsey on Thu Apr 19, 2012 1:12 pm

Truely a gift from god! our baby boy wallaby rex, is too amazing for words.hes happy,healthy,and so darn lovable. i was very nervous when i decided to take the plundge into wallamommy hood but rex "the person" answered any questions i could think of and was always just a click or call away. Rex even hand delivered our little "rex" to us all the way across the country to New Jersey with the Fall City Wallaby Ranch in Seattle! This is because rex is a very dedicated breeder treating every baby as an individual.we are so happy with our little addition that we are already considering getting rexington a little girl companion next year.thanks again rex
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Re: Rexington Maximus

Postby Rex on Sat Apr 21, 2012 10:46 pm

Hey There Lindsey!!

Thank you so much for the loving home you have provided for that incredible little man who bears my name! I am so proud to have that little Trilly blooded baby sharing my name. Thank you as well for your hospitality while I was there in Newark bringing you little Rex. I will greatly enjoy taking you guys to a number of great restaraunts some day soon in our beautiful state of Washington.

I will always appreciate your consideration and hope to hear from you soon with pics of little Rex!

Lots of Love and Luck,

Rex and Tawny Paperd
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