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  Welcome to Fall City Wallaby Ranch!  


Adoption Opportunities




Victory's Baby: Born July 26th, 2019, Split Albino male,  Congratulations: The Cohen Family!


Vegas Pearl's Baby: Hoping Soon!


Valencia's Baby: Born November 20th, 2019, Sex unknown, Split AlbinoAvailable!!

Velvi's Baby: Hoping Soon!!

Vista's Baby: Albino, Born September 1st, 2019, Full albino, Male, Congratulations: Ranch a Roo!!

JUNO THE RED KANGAROO HAS A BABY!!!!! Born September 5th, 2019, Female!  Congratulations: Cobbs Adventure Park!!

Next Year's Joeys will be available between February and June of 2020. 

The Fall City Wallaby Ranch is currently accepting reservations for Infant Bennetts Wallabies who will be available for adoption in the spring of 2021.  We will gladly place your name on the list for Joeys who will be born this fall and will be available in the spring.  Once it has been determined that one of our Moms has given birth to a baby of the appropriate sex and breed (Albino or Gray) to meet your requirements, we will ask for a deposit in the amount of $500.00 (albino and female Kangaroo deposits will be $1,000.00).  This deposit will be non refundable and will provide us with the security necessary to mark that baby as unavailable for other potential Adoptive Parents.  Your deposit will be held in trust and will guarantee you a healthy Joey.  If unforeseen circumstances should arise due to a lost, or unhealthy birth or for any other reason of OUR doing and we are unable to provide you with the baby intended and agreed upon, we WILL refund your deposit upon request or will fill your order with the next available Joey who matches your choice of breed or sex at your discretion.  In all cases, your deposit guarantees you either a healthy infant Wallaby or a refund unless you decide not to accept the baby guaranteed to you and we are required to find another qualified Adoptive Home at a later and unintended date.