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  Welcome to Fall City Wallaby Ranch!  


Albino Bennetts Wallabies



Apollo (God of Light and Truth): Apollo was the first full albino brought to the Fall City Wallaby Ranch and quickly confirmed for us the reputedly gentle and laid back personalities of the albino variety of Bennetts Wallabies. Apollo grew up in the house with “Trillion Kisses” and “Vanna Anna” and is a large and gentle soul who has sired many perfect albino babies.


Velvet: Velvet is a stunningly beautiful and incredibly perfect, large and tame example of the rare and desirable albino variety. Velvet was adopted by the Fall City Wallaby Ranch in 2004 and spent over a year in our house. Velvet was a perfect lady, slept on the floor of our bedroom at night and on our bed most of the time when she was not to be found elsewhere. She loved the Christmas tree and to unwrap the Christmas presents. Velvet and her mate, the equally special “Apollo” show unusual signs of being in love and have produced the sweetest and most affectionate babies we have ever seen anywhere. We are not biased!!!!  Velvet was tragically lost to inoperable liver cancer... in June of 2008 and should any part of our hearts or minds ever accept that Velveeta is not still here with us.... should Rex stop the little beads of wet stuff from running down his face every time he thinks of her or sees her picture.... we will take her out of our Albino shots.... until then... we remain in denial.....8>)


Snow: Snow is without question the sweetest and most animated little boy we have ever seen. We adopted Snow from a breeder who offered him for sale to one of our clients at only 2 pounds and 2 ounces. We considered him premature and seriously at risk to be lost if sold to someone who would bottle him only every four hours. We drove over 3600 miles to bring Snow home and found him to require a bottle every 2 to 3 hours to maintain. While on our way to pick the new baby up, we stopped in Lead South Dakota for fuel during a blizzard and decided we would be safest to continue East through the storm to our destination. Upon our return home, via a different route of travel, we clipped an article from the Seattle Times that described the blizzard we had driven through in South Dakota as having dropped 59.5 inches of snow in a little town called LEAD SOUTH DAKOTA before letting up. Any question where Snow got his name? The Great Snow Man took over the job of “The Mighty Trillion Kisses” as our main mob breeder and sired his first baby girl with “Virginia” in 2008.  As though he missed the beautiful Velvet too much... Snow Man left us unexpectedly one day shortly after the loss of Velvet.  Like She.... He is I swear... still here with us, though he left in my arms as I cried.  Daddy loves you Snow.


Vanilla: Vanilla is the first beautiful albino girl born of the pairing of the perfect couple “Velvet” and “Apollo.” Vanilla is being adopted by the Fall City Wallaby Ranch and will be added to the mob with our loving “Eros” and is anticipated to be as stunning as her mom and her dad. We are looking forward to updating the photographs of our long awaited baby girl Vanilla and to seeing the product of her pairing with the “Ero Man.”  Vanilla and Eros were introduced as soon as Eros arrived from Miami and were soon both found knocking on the door between them constantly, so Vanilla and Eros spent the last month they were indoors, together.... 24/7.


Eros (God of Love): Eros was adopted by the Fall City Wallaby Ranch in November, 2008 and was seventeen months of age at the time.  Eros had been loaned to the Columbus Zoo for six months where he was featured in Educational Presentations and stopped at the Miami Zoo for two weeks on his way to Seattle.  Eros is the consummate Fall City Wallaby Ranch boy, "in your pocket" friendly and on his way for treats the minute he sees us coming.  Eros was placed outside with the girls and will hopefully be producing his own little Love Babies very soon!!!


Velvi Roo: Velvi Roo is always to be remembered for her love of speed.  Not to disappoint, Velvi ran daily through the house from the bedroom through the hallway and around the chairs in the living room and was up at exactly 5am every morning begging to exit the bedroom and get back to her beloved open spaces.  Velvi is incredibly sweet and loves to be the center of attention, just like her Mommy and her Mommy before her!!!


Asclepius (God of Healing): Asklepius is as in Greek Mythology, the Son of Apollo and as fate (and luck I dare say) would have it, the son of Vanna Anna our beautiful and mild mannered miracle baby girl.  We call Asklepius "Matari" which is of the Aboriginal language, meaning "a man."  Matari is like his daddy and has a "not to be denied" type of manner, very strong willed and certain of himself.  He is another beautiful addition to the Fall City Wallaby Ranch and we are delighted to have him.  Matari was bottle raised in our home along with his girlfriend Velvi and is a complete pleasure like his Mommy and Daddy both!  We decided to Keep Matari for ourselves to join Velvi as a native born Albino pair here at the Fall City Wallaby Ranch.  Matari is impressive in size like his daddy was and a youth, with particularly large and strong arms and legs even as a baby.  Tar Baby is the most affectionate baby boy we have ever seen and love him immensely.