My wonderful boy Abraham

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My wonderful boy Abraham

Postby kangarookate on Thu Dec 25, 2008 4:48 pm

I have known Rex for a while and has been a great source of
information and help when needed. In June of 2007 I flew to
the wallaby ranch and adopted the most beautiful albino joey
I named him abraham. He was so awesome and I loved him so much. even tho
I have other wallabies, Abraham was special and I valued him very much.
I thank Rex for allowing me to adopt him ! Every day with abraham was a special gift from God.
It was great to meet rex and tawny in person and spend a couple days with them
and thier wonderful roos.,! Rex was awesome with his mob I have never seen a
man show such love to his babies. When a man is not afraid to goo goo his roos
in front of you then you have a special person to adopt from. (smile)
I was so thrilled to get Abraham from him I saw first hand the care he was raised
with as he started his life with humans. I am particular with my mob and they get thier
daily lovies like it or not.. humor mama and she will go away.. ha ha It was so touching
to see how much he loved them. I am also a breeder of wallabies so I like to find some
else who loves theirs the way I love mine. My experience there was wonderful..!
I dont hesitate to refer someone to Rex if they are closer to him. I am in Texas.
Saddly I lost Abraham to a tragic accident and have missed him dearly
I will always value the time I had him in my life as short as it was. day I hope to get another beautiful albino from Rex.
I could get one from another breeder closer to me, but --if I have the option--
I will go all the way there to get one of his joeys. You wont ever see a breeder have more
love and give better care than you will from Rex at the Fall city wallaby ranch.
Thanks again Rex for the special gift of allowing abraham to be a part of my life.
I will treasure his memory always.
Kangaroo Kate
Red Oak, Texas
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Re: My wonderful boy Abraham

Postby Rex on Mon Jan 12, 2009 4:05 pm

Hey There Teresa,

Thank you for your kind words. We have always had fun together and it was a lot of fun to have you visit. Thank you for your kind references as well..!

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