Leonard our wallaby!

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Leonard our wallaby!

Postby Oldbarrows on Sat Mar 17, 2012 9:37 pm

Thank you thank you Rex, Tawny, and Mandy for such an amazing adventure and for our lovely little boy wallaby!
I was quite nervous about my first (solo adult) trip with our four year old daughter involving air travel and first time wallaby adoption.  Fortunately, we landed in your caring, knowledgeable, patient, and helpful hands.
Baby Leonard is getting passed from parent to parent and child to child throughout the day.  We feel so fortunate to have found a wallaby ranch with such a proud dad (Rex) with a huge heart and a GIANT brain ; )
Thank you all for your help with arrangements, great teachings, hands on experience, and remote technical support!
Ironically, my wife discovered there is a wallaby ranch in our home state last night as she was researching all-things-wallaby (such a diligent new mom that she is) and not for a second did I regret our journey.  If we had to do it all over again (and hopefully next year we will!) we wouldn't have changed a thing.
David Cohen
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Re: Leonard our wallaby!

Postby Rex on Sun Mar 18, 2012 7:37 pm

Thank You so much David!
We absolutely loved having you and Olive visit! There are about fifty roo breeders nationwide and we try to provide the most comprehensive and complete Adoption experience available in the world! We hope to have earned your confidence and will be your choice of adoption resources again even if you have to fly by ten other breeders!! Almost everyone does....8>).... thank goodness! I am sure your family will continue to enjoy little Leonard as much as he obviously enjoys you and I look forward to hearing from you as your property develops for him!

God Bless you and yours always,

We hope to hear of your adventures with Leonard regularly!

Lots of love and luck,

Rex and Tawny
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