Fencing question

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Fencing question

Postby abrossfam on Thu Jun 19, 2008 8:40 am

Hello Rex!

I'm ready to build a Wallaby fence and I had a question about specific fencing recommendations. Do you have any? :)

We don't have any chain link fencing on our place, so I'm sorta shying away from that as aesthetically it would not blend with our look. That really narrows down the fencing options, doesn't it? I was looking at the 6' no-climb horse fence (2"x4" mesh), but that stuff is so stiff and awkward to work with; I've never stretched one of those fences and have it look half-way decent. Besides, I don't think we need that beefy of a fence for our Wallaby.

Do you have any specific recommendations? I'm open to all options. Even chain link. :)

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Re: Fencing question

Postby Rex on Fri Jun 20, 2008 7:02 pm

Hi Alan,

We use the 2X4 and chain link both. I would recommend the woven horse fencing like the Red Head with the red top. The welded wire can and does come apart. We have started using chain link on pens with shared sides because the boys wrestling from both sides of the fencing definately breaks the welded wire fabric. It is also best not to stretch the fence piano wire tight anyway, in case your animal runs into the fencing, it is good for it to have a little give built in. Using regular chain link fencing wired to T posts works well too and again does not need to be stretched tight!!

Thank You!!

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