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  Welcome to Fall City Wallaby Ranch!  


Red Kangaroos


Rocky: Rocky the Red Kangaroo was adopted and moved to the Fall City Wallaby Ranch as a 4 pound infant in 2005.  Rocky is an altered male who was cuddled and coddled too much to allow to be proud.  Rocky grew up sharing our bed, our pillows, and our hearts as he lived in our house for over a year. Rocky has been the feature macropod in our “Bring a Roo to Your Room” program and done dozens of charity benefit programs and Senior Center programs all over the State of Washington. We once performed an educational presentation at a large Senior Center in Seattle where Rocky was featured and Tawny circulated with an infant Wallaby as people came on stage to pet Rocky. One of the Gentleman attendees raised his hand and said “I have an observation.  When you finished your presentation, You asked us if anyone had ever held or even petted a Wallaby or Kangaroo, and we all said no. There are over 150 of us here tonight and we probably average 80 years of age. That is over 12,000 years of experience in this room and none of us has ever had an opportunity to do this. Thank You.” After drying my eyes, I thanked him as well. The man answered the question for all, of why the Fall City Wallaby Ranch was founded.


Jasper: Jasper the Red Kangaroo was adopted by the Fall City Wallaby Ranch as a 70 pound boy, two and one half years old, in June of 2009.  Jasper is an intact male and promises to be a huge Thumper when fully grown.  Jasper is a bottle fed boy, babied by his Mom and Dad and arrived along with his beautiful female counterpart Juno (as seen below) when it became clear that he would have less than perfect living conditions in his first home.  Jasper is very sociable, sweet and touchy feely, loves his Daddy and enjoys his time spent with people.  We absolutely can not expound enough on how much we and Rocky enjoy having Jasper here with us.  Jasper has already sired many incredible babies and continues to grow at over 6' tall at 5 years old!  We won't tell you how old (young) Jasper's baby's Mommy is..... lest Jasper.... be arrested!!!


Juno: Juno arrived at the Fall City Wallaby Ranch in June of 2009, accompanied by her smitten boy-toy Jasper as you met him above!!  Juno is an absolutely gorgeous and equally loving little Girl, born in December of 2007.  One and One half years old when she arrived, Juno took over the job of "Resident Princess" of "Kangaroo Country" at the Fall City Wallaby Ranch instantly.  Juno was apprehensive for a couple of days after her arrival, then became Daddy's Baby Girl who comes running to greet as soon as she hears our voices.  Juno showed her approval of her new home by shocking us by bearing a first beautiful baby of her own on June 25th, 2009...... just over a month after her introduction here in Kangaroo Country....  Juno happily shares her babies with all who tour The Fall City Wallaby Ranch.  It goes without saying that we are incredibly proud to have Juno AND her bounding boy toy Jasper at the Fall City Wallaby Ranch!!