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  Welcome to Fall City Wallaby Ranch!  


Common Wallaroos


Mickey: Mickey was adopted by the Fall City Wallaby Ranch in the summer of 2005. Mickey was a little over 15 pounds and had been hand reared by an individual in Las Vegas, where we flew and brought him home. He had lost his girl friend a short time earlier to an accident and had experienced a good deal of trauma as a result. Wallaroos are regularly lost due to stresses caused by the loss of a mate and regularly lost following a change of homes so we hoped to offer him as good a chance of survival as he could possibly have. Mickey became “The Mouse in Daddys House” for a month or so, living with Rocky and immediately adopted the counter of our laundry room as his own. Mickey Mouse is a stunning and rare red variety of Common Wallaroo, has thrived at the Fall City Wallaby Ranch and we are blessed and very happy to have and to share him with others!!  Mickey is now "Mickey, the mouse in daddy's house."


Minnie: Minnie was adopted by the Fall City Wallaby Ranch in April of 2009 to join Kangaroo Country as a long overdue wife for the Mickster.  Minnie came to us less than eight months old and under four pounds.  She was described to us as the most adorable baby Wallaroo ever,  "a perfect fit for the Fall City Wallaby Ranch"..... how could we resist.  Minnie became an immediate resident in our bed.... because she just hated hanging on the headboard....8>) Minnie has the most adorable cuddling nature with a spitfire personal presence.  She promises to become a perfect match for the dominant attitude she will deal with in Mickey and we are very proud to introduce her here in Kangaroo Country at The Fall City Wallaby Ranch!!